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The employees of Janke Plumbing have been providing residential and commercial clients with the extensive plumbing services they require for more than 35 years.


Dave Janke Plumbing was started by Dave Janke in 1979.  Upon his death in 2005 his wife, Chris and son, Luke became partners in the business.  The daily operations are run by President Kent Wirges, who has been with the company since 1980.

Today, Janke Plumbing can be found plumbing a variety of projects in the Greater Omaha area; however, new residential construction was Janke Plumbing's main focus for many years.  The company started keeping detailed records in 1998. Records indicate Janke has plumbed over 24,000 homes since 1998.  This number does not include all commercial work, such as apartments and retirement homes, nor the homes plumbed between 1979-1997.  These numbers alone indicate the sheer production Janke can produce with it's crews.

The quanity of work and growth of the company has never changed the quality of work.  Janke Plumbing has maintained a high level of installation practices, in addition to doing it 'right' every time.  Every job is permited, installed to code and inspected by city and county inspectors.

Janke Plumbing's fleet of logoed vehicles are easily recognized throughout the community.   Heading out Monday-Saturday mornings between 6:00-7:00am, the crews head to jobs within a 45 mile radius of the shop, most often spending months in the same area plumbing communities of homes and apartments.  Omaha residents often say, "We see your trucks everywhere."  They are right.  Janke's footprint is in every part of the Omaha Area.

Maintaining great working relationships with builders, contractors, municipality companies, suppliers, city & county departments and other subcontractors has always been at the core of the company's success. When all of these businesses work together seamlessly, the buyer is part of a process that is both efficient and enjoyable.  In addition, when homeowners know their builder is using a large and reliable plumbing company,  they are confident throughout the building process and once they are in their dream home.

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